JANUARY 30, 2014  - 

Snow this week, nearly one foot total in places, and cold temps has made for some of the best trail conditions in years in the north Katahdin region.
ITS81 from Sherman Station to Patten and up to Shin Pond will be groomed again tonight.
ITS 81/85 from Shin Pond north to Camp Violette road is groomed and hard. Watch for drifting on the Seven Mile road and other open spaces. 
ITS connector 112E towards IslandFalls is groomed and hard and club trail 62 from 112, in Hersey township, north to 81/85, north of Shin Pond, was opened up this week. Signage hasn't been done yet, so pay attention !
ITS connector trail 112W, Big Sebois connector to ITS 85A, junction  is groomed and hard with a little less snow than other areas, but still a really nice ride.
ITS 85 and 85A are groomed as well.
NOTE* ITS 85 runs north along the East Branch River road up to Big Sebois Bridge.
On high traffic weekends, it may be a better ride to use 85A which is a more easterly alternate route.
To use the alternate trail 85A
From the south;
After crossing the Whetstone Bridge on 85/83, the first intersection, approximately 1.75 miles, is with ITS 85, north along the river road.
If rough trail conditions are apparent,  continue two miles north on ITS 83 to the next major junction at 83/85A.Take a left.onto 85A north towards Big Sebois Bridge.
From the North;
After crossing Big Sebois Bridge, take the immediate left onto 85/85A to the first junction. Make a left onto 85A south to ITS 83.
Make a right onto 83 south towards Whetstone Bridge.
 Rockabema Snow Rangers have established a life flight evac landing area in cooperation with Life Flight of Maine.
The location is approximately 1/3 mile south of Big Sebois Bridge and is marked with a bright orange sign.
GPS locations are
LAT. 45.97375
LON. 68.61510


Please slow down !
The 3-4 inches of new snow gave us just enough to fill in some of the running water holes, but some still remain.
Stay alert!
ITS81 from Sherman Station to Patten, Shin Pond and beyond to Camp Violett road is groomed.
ITS connector trail from Hersey township, west to Patten, and on to the junction with ITS85A is groomed and icey.
ITS85A from Big Sebois bridge south to ITS 83 is groomed with icey spots.
note* Due to logging on the Sherman Lumber road, ITS85 runs concurrently with ITS85A from Big Sebois Bridge to the junction with connector trail 112 near Little Sebois Brook. From that junction, it continues as ITS85 back to the River Road and on to the Junction with ITS83.
Club trail 62 from Hersey Township north through the Pleasant Lake area to ITS81/85 just north of Shin Pond is scheduled to be opened on Friday.
Club trail 64/Pub Trail from north of Patten to the Ackley Pond road and on to Shin Pond is groomed with logging ongoing on the Ackley Pond road.

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